Sediment Integrity at Three Varying Sites

by Jennie Mowatt

July 24

My project will be examining sediment integrity at three sites along our voyage – an abyssal plain, Hydrate Ridge, and the Axial Seamount. This will be done with the aid of a Gravity Corer, Towam imagery and possibly Sentry bathymetric mapping. Each of these three sites is expected to be different from the next and offer new insight into a never-before-seen world.

*Due to unavailable equipment the afore mentioned project became impossible to do so I found a new idea.


July 25

Examining newly discovered channels at the base of a submergence zone using Sentry, Towcam and EM-300 data. This is valuable for the placement of future nodes in the cable network.

Some questions to be answered:
1.Why does sediment build up at this submergence zone?
2.How are these channels formed?
3.How deep are they?
4.What impact do they have on the surrounding scope?
5.Are they extinct or continually growing? Where to?
6.How will they impact the observatory project?
7.How do you see a fault line using current data and is the channel related to a former one?