Sesh Velamoor

Sesh is a Trustee and Director of Programs for the Foundation For The Future in Bellevue, WA. In this capacity he helps oversee the management of the foundation and also implement major programs of the Foundation, including convening think tanks on subjects pertaining to the long term future. Examples of such include The Future of Energy, Climate Destabilization, The Worst Case. In addition, he routinely delivers talks on various aspects of the long term future to  schools, colleges, universities and other private and public organizations. He has also published several articles in futures related journals.

Prior to this, Sesh has managed functions within Business Corporations including President and COO and has taught Business Courses at the UW and Portland State University. In addition he is also a trustee of the Steno Trust, The Kistler Ritso Trust, The Snow Leopard Trust and a Foundation Associate of the Pacific Science Center, and member of the Board of Directors of  three Business Corporations.

Affiliation: Foundation for the Future