Weimin Gao

I am an assistant research scientist at Center for Ecogenomics in Biodesign Institute at the Arizona state University. I am trained as a microbiologist and molecular biologist. More specifically, I view myself as a molecular ecophysiological microbiologist. My research interests include microbe-mineral interactions, microbial energetics, microbial genomics & genetics, microbial adaptation/evolution in response to environmental stimuli & stresses. I have working experience with varied microbes including bacteria, fungi and microbial alga. After receiving my PhD from Penn State University, I worked at Oak Ridge National Lab and Brookhaven National Lab before moving to Arizona State University. The research projects I conducted include: molecular mechanisms of uranium reduction by Clostridia, characterization of novel genes involved in iron metabolism and free radical protection in Shewanella, characterization of cobalt(III) reducing bacteria in metal- and radionuclide-contaminated groundwater, bioengineering of microbial alga for improved hydrogen production through bio-photosynthesis, etc

Affiliation: ASU