Lorraine Brasseur

Lorraine Brasseur is the post-doc for the Ocean Observatories Initiative at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership in Washington, DC. She arrived in February 2008, fresh from the Ph.D. program in Marine Science at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science of the College of William and Mary.  While at VIMS, she studied mixing and turbulence and their effects on sediment transport in the York River, Virginia.  When she wasn’t working on research buoys, she could be found sailing as crew for Wednesday night races and windsurfing in the York River. 

As the OOI post-doc, Lorraine works closely with the project scientists including Dr. Kelley at the University of Washington, helping to plan the sensors, samples, and science needed for the observatory. Working with the University of Washington science team on the R/V Thompson is an opportunity to expand her first hand knowledge of the Juan de Fuca plate where the Regional Scale Nodes will be deployed.

Affiliation: COL