Dax Soule

I am a first year graduate student at the University of Washington, School of Oceanography studying under the direction of William Wilcock.  I have just completed a B. S. in Geophysics from Texas A&M University. I am interested in using seismology and acoustics to explore a wide range of questions. The focus my studies will be on the tectonics of spreading centers, hydrothermal vent systems and underwater volcanoes.

My current research includes two projects. The first uses the data from seafloor seismic arrays to track the migration of Fin and Blue whales using their acoustic signature. We have several years of nearly continuous data that we will use to investigate the relationship between Fin and Blue whale locations, zooplankton concentrations and hydrothermal venting in the NE Pacific Ocean. My second project is a magnetics survey on the impact crater at Odessa, Texas. I collected a
high-density grid using a gradiometer that will result in a 3-D characterization of the deformation ring, the crater floor and the ejecta blanket.

My role on this cruise is to help process the high resolution bathymetric data while learning the software packages used to map the seafloor.

Affiliation: UW