Janet Beckmann

I was born in Philadelphia, received a bachelor’s of science degree (chemistry and nursing) from the University of Miami (Coral Gables), a master’s degree (physiology and nursing) from Emory University (Atlanta) and a Ph.D. degree (education and physiology-biophysics) from the University of Washington (Seattle). Academic appointments ranged from Research Associate to Professor and from Associate Dean to Dean. Clinical practice affiliations included staff nursing to nursing service supervision. Retirement from academic and clinical pursuits commenced 1996.
For over 30 years I have had a consulting practice that pioneered the advancement of health-care quality. I remain involved on a limited basis because serious problems continue. For example, this year alone, health-care error in US hospitals will cause greater than 105,000 patient deaths. This is equivalent to a 2000 passenger cruise ship sinking every week for one year with all souls on board perishing.

Learning about the magnificent ocean is now my true passion. It is a treasure chest of unique prokaryotes (bacteria), archea and eukaryotes (plants, animals, fungi, and algae) and in terms of health-care alone it is a precious source of novel medicinal compounds. Unique marine derived pharmaceuticals will impact the health of every person on this planet.

Affiliation: Independent